So pretty much all my clients have decided they are done working or responding to emails until the new year. Normally this would be fine and dandy, but I work in an office that says I have to be there every day still, and all my projects are in a state of "Waiting for Client Approval" so I can't move forward on anything.

I've spent two days so far just staring at my work pretending to do things while browsing the web, but I'm losing my mind here pretending to work when I could be doing other things. I still have at least 4 days next week where I will be in the office hoping someone responds, either say something is broke or tell me to push it live so I can get my projects out of limbo.

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    Reminds me if the brilliant Bill Hicks joke about pretending to work. Watch the clip and have a laugh.
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    Here are the two solutions that pop into my head:

    * Create a local branch and start working on the next feature they want.

    * Use this paid time to get paid to work on a personal project or try a new framework or language.
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    @psudo been doing some work on personal development time, but that almost makes me feel dirtier than doing nothing. And most of these clients would need to sign more contracts in order to get more than where we are. But I do see where both are great ideas and have considered both
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    @sylar182 I certainly understand that feeling, but since you're required to be there, but they aren't giving you work, I feel like you're absolved.
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    Relax and read up on new stuff. Try exciting new tech. If anyone questions that, just explain you have nothing to do and self education is an important part of the profession. It's an investment for coming projects.
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    No one would question a doctor reading up on new treatments between patients, right?
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