Manager 101: Plan things ahead.

My manager: Hey let's move this complex server today (Friday) all hands on deck, no plan in advanced. Nothing.

Why so much people bullshit they way to managerial positions?

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    Some suck at planning. Some suck at everything
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    For the bad ones they probably think having a managerial position gives you the right to delegate. Delegated work means you don't work but can take credit. But not all.
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    Omds! I literally went through this today.
    The manager keeps saying “this issue is easy to crack” guess when he has never typed “Hello world” before.
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    Where I work, we don't deploy production stuff beyond Wednessday. Because when something breaks, it's usually my boss that ends up having to fix it in the weekend 😛
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    @Gazotey so cool! That’s really what to should be though.
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    Development 101: don't deploy anything on a Friday or you'll be working on it over the weekend.
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    @badwolf I got an email to deploy to prod yesterday after COB. Guess who is ghosting till Monday?
    You guessed right. 🤖
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    @TBot I'm sorry, my Slack has notifications off over the weekend :p
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    @TBot you're welcome, you're not alone
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