Just Triggering your nostalgia

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    We talked about just this not 20 min ago ;)
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    Oh man! I haven't seen this yet. So funny!!
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    I think I was born too late to get this joke...
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    @AnirudhKonduru dial-up modem. The stuff that blocked your phoneline so that no calls could get in or out
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    yep I remember average download speed 3kb. and somebody picking up a phone when you we're downloading a 80mb file when it's at 99% and having to restart from the beginning

    am I giving yall youngins nightmares yet, cause I'm pretty sure I just stirred up everybody that used dialup's ptsd
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    30 min ago we were making that sounds with a co-worker. You won't believe the amount of YouTube videos with the connection sound.
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    I'm pretty sure you could get that sound as a ring tone if you wanted
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    @Jase That would be one ugly alarm tone though.
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    @tysa @Jase but damn if it probably wouldn't wake you up better than a freight train
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