I miss the simplicity and creativity of the good old days..


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    Miss the last one the most "<3". Good ol' ice cream balls.
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    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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    What, I'm still using ASCII emoticons. ^^
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    I like mine with a little more:

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    I even had a book full of these
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    Yeah, the good old days.
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    8=================D; ( . )( . )
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    Emoticons are the superior way to express human emotions over the internet.

    First of all, unless you're on a mobile phone, emoticons are 1000x easier to type.

    Second of all, and while this may be just one mans opinion, they just look better.

    Additionally, they are endlessly customizable to showcase a wide range of emotions

    Because of their ease of use, visual element, and because of how customizable they are, emoticons are and always will be much better than emojis

    Thank you for listening to my TED talk on why emojis suck
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    @10Dev I would like to buy stock in your emoticons startup please. You make a convincing argument.
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    @Demolishun Lol all funding is welcome
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    I'm a bit sad that the two most useful text emojis ever to exist, never got a good emoji replacement.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -> 😏

    ಠ_ಠ -> 😒

    The smirk & unamused emojis come close, but the meaning is different.

    Lenny face really has this raunchy quality to it, like:

    "Oh Bob, your python code is so filthy, I ejaculated over your macbook while you were away from your desk"

    Bob: "I think I'll lick the keyboard clean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

    While smirk is more of a:

    "Do you wanna come to my place to look over the PR? We can make out in a PG13-approved way in front of the fireplace afterwards 😏"

    Same with look of disapproval. It disapproves in a "oh you're so edgy I disapprove but it's humorous" kind of way.

    "I love to play with testicles while I wait for the tests to finish"

    "Hehe yeah me too that's why I have my hand in my pants"

    "Not my own balls. That's what the goat under to my desk is for"

    "Jesus... Bob! ಠ_ಠ"

    While unamused is more of a true annoyance:

    "Fuck you Bob you ate my donut 😒"
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    Why are most emojis happy?
    I’m basically never happy.

    I want my =/
    I want my >(
    And while we’re on the topic of emojis, I want an exasperated sigh!
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    @Root 😕😡😩?

    I agree though, there has historically been an optimistic bias in emojis.

    At least we got facepalm🤦

    But I'm still missing an emoji trying to pull its own hair out, and one throwing it's hands in the air. Not in the air like "I dunno, shrug 🤷" but more like a diety-begging table-flipping style of "I FUCKING GIVE UP YOU'RE ALL HOPELESS 🤷"

    ...and maybe one with an angry serial killer grin.
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    I remember one of my friends sent me a link to a wikileaks url which I thought was odd but when I clicked on it I laughed so hard.

    Someone hacked an FBI users account just to find a list of Japanese text faces ಠ益ಠ

    check it out for yourself https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/...
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    @Root Exasperated sigh == 😤?
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    @bittersweet I like fire 🙂

    @cafecortado @bittersweet The problem is they change by implementation. Apple emojis differ from google which differ from Microsoft which differ from slack, Samsung, etc. so I have no idea what my emojis are going to look like for someone else.

    Examples: 🥰🙄🥴😤👿😡😠 etc.
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    You forgot the good ole XD
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    Don't forget he german smiley: ^^
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    Some kids even ask in the comments what is that thing you typed?
    xD - about this smile
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    (< is the best emoticon.
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    Still use them, and I see a lot doing it. Us millenials are keeping your legacy
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    Just to confuse some people: ε>
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    Also you didn't have to worry about the skin color of your emotions
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    Also :>
    There is nothing quite like it. I can only describe it as "selbstgefällig". I think the nearest thing in English would be smug.
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    ^_^ ^_~
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