The fact I’ve used medium to solve a bug makes me feel lousy.

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    why? there is a lot of knowledge on medium. Sure there is lots of low quality stuff on there too. But there are also some brilliant articles to learn from. No need to feel lousy 🙂
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    @heyheni That is true but I should be using stack Overflow and using medium for it makes feel so bad. But its nice that people have taken their time to write articles to help with debugging anyways.
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    The fact you found a solution in medium is, in its self amazing 😯
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    Good writers do exist on medium
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    So you posted unrelated pics and....it works now?
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    More and more often, I find blogs more helpful than Q&A. The structure / narrative / delivery matters for actually complicated topics.
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    In the past, as I worked as frontend dev, I was searching for answers also on YouTube.. 🤣...Smetimes Its even easier to see the solution, than only to read about it 😁...I think important is to have the task done and to understand why and what are you doing 😄
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    @gardendwarf amazing! this shows how you can learn pretty much anything on youtube.
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