Is it normal that no one from the management has even a minimal idea of what is going on? I mean, 90% of the team is completely incompetent, and 100% of the management as well. They know basically nothing about the system we are trying to keep alive.
I hate the corporate way that the manager is more a politician than a professional...
I hate that I have constantly to teach everyone and there is no one who can show me nothing, btw for the same salary... I don't even like this job. We have no access to half of the system we have to maintain, and 50% of the time I'm standing there with 3 managers around me asking how long will it take, while I have no access. I mean... c'mon.
My only hope is the data center they're building nearby, so maybe I can get a job there, or maybe I have to give a try to some junior web dev or network tech position in Amsterdam.
It's such a nice place to cry out my frustrations...

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    Been there, done that, got a raise, split my work hours, quit after a year.
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    "Modern management"

    In the olde days we used to take people from the shop floor who had management glint in their eye, so they knew their onions.

    Nowadays, I hear folk can go straight from university/etc. to management training school..

    So you end up with folk who haven't a clue how a particular business functions at the coal face, but are great at putting in an order for new pencils..

    Actually, even that is beyond them, since I remember one manager doing that, and was so proud of having found a supplier who gave us 5% cheaper pencils.

    The only trouble was, they had awful lead quality and would break all the time, requiring us to use almost 100% more pencils per week..

    (We wasn't allowed pens..)
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    Here's management 101: The Pareto principle states that: 80% of the work is done by 20% of the staff.
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    @gibus Pareto principle also states that 80% of the times you fingered yourself, you did it with 20% of your fingers. We know that's false because you always use your pinky.
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    @electrineer I hope the 20% in your company have a better understanding of logic than you.
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