Interviewed 6 candidates yesterday.

all of them had 2+ years of experience in web but none of them know how to use selectors in jQuery other than '#' and '.'


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    Okay Sir !!
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    But they could have still learned to apply it on the job, right? I've used jQuery before but I can't remember how to pull it out of my ass either...
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    Was working with jQuery a requirement?
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    @codeclod They are basically css-selectors, not intricate advanced ways of using JQuery... This is just frightening. 😞
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    no but they added it on their resume so I asked.
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    No Sir .. !!!
    Still learning something new every day.
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    @Arpit05 Oh alright, well then 😅
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    @Chefren is it? I see it and think "omg u don't know X about Y? Wtf?!"
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    Or maybe their experience was from building SPA's where they created all their dom-elements in js, while keeping the references.
    No need for any lookups.
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    jQuery has some uses, but I still prefer using vanilla JS.
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    Don't discard a potential employee for a skill they can learn in less than a week, hire them for a skill you cannot teach them in a month (like proper sw development)
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    Just really for curious. If i answered something like:

    "Ha well, i can do also,

    input[type=''] or div[class="ˆ-foo"].
    Actually we can filter by a set of expression composed or not and walk as a tree inside the DOM and find what i want"

    Would be enough?
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    @Chefren was thinking the same thing
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    in resume some wrote they know 60% of jQuery some wrote 80%.
    if you ask anything besides '#' and '.' they are blank.
    In my mind I was like REALLY that's your 80%-60% of jQuery ?
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