Not my original, but cheers to the creator since it's hella relatable!

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    There are some blessed coders who actually think about who will use their code in the future and act accordingly. Made my life so much easier.

    Don't be that lazy mf who does not document, comment, do a readme and ask people to proof read your code because wE dOn'T hAvE tImE tO dO iT. This is just an excuse for poor work ethics.
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    @PepeTheFrog Agreed, I myself was guilty of this for a while, but I'm trying to improve upon it!
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    @PepeTheFrog YES
    I document all my shit just because the next guy may also be me in a few weeks, months, years. Also: Explaining and documenting is just like code for me. You build a system of explaining the things you put thought into.
    Idk if what I said makes sense, but I love it. Please document your stuff people.
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    This made me laugh. And made me remember some code I created back when I was studying Game Programming.

    I made a horrible implementation of A* Pathfinding, which I was going to optimize and comment later (read: never), and then moved to another project. On an open day where students presented their work, I visited the booth of the project. I saw the pathfinding worked great.

    I asked about it and the AI programmer on the team went: "oooh, you're the one who wrote that A* implementation. I eh... replaced it."

    And now I work as a web developer.
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