Yeah, sure.. I'll configure your DNS & mail server.. while I'm at it, I'll also optimise your db settings & configure backups..and don't forget LDAP & group policies!! Sure, no probs!! :/

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    It is definitely your job as a full stack developer/engineer.
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    @hjk101 Yeah, totally..
    Also not sure if sarcazm or not.. either way, can't do shit to help if I don't have access rights, but they don't understand this.. it's like a doggo meme.. Throw the ball! No take, just throw!!
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    @sladuled to be honest I'm not sure either. Was ment as sarcastic but I guess there is truth in it too. There is no hard line that defines where the Ops part ends with full stack.

    The original intent is to have a team of multi disciplinary people that collaborate and can fill the gaps. There is still a high emphasis on individual strengths.

    Unfortunately full stack developer is now an excuse to throw everything at your developer. The printer is part of the stack. Also a full stack developer in a team of one is kinda bs as it completely undermines the previous paragraph.
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    @hjk101 Yeah.. I don't mind doing sth I know how to do properly, even if it's not realy in my job description, but problem is that our customers have their own setups that we do not manage & overview and in some cases are even forbidden to change on our own even if we could/know how to.. The things I've described all fall into that category.. oh, and I'm also not supposed to help without jira and/or direct permission from the boss. :/ So it sux..

    For our env, I try to help out if I have the time, knowledge & permissions.. but usually I'm 'yelled at' to not waste time and to just fwd to person responsible for the thing.. which often backfires as they either don't have time right now or not enough knowledge to do it on their own & I have to be involved anyways.. I've started to 'yell back' to let me do this since it'll be faster & done properly (to my knowledge) in some cases..
    I do tend to take time to explain how it was done afterwards and why in case it's the 'lacks knowledge' case with person responsible, so next time I hope they can do it on their own.
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