Yaaaay, cells now size themselves correctly on the main feed! (Profile view still needs some work but it’s also improved some)

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    The absence of padding is killing me, but nice work
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    @JS96 this is another thing which I need to fix. I think this just needs to be a simple constraint and I'm done.
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    I feel like the buttons are unproportionally small compared to the text, it's odd
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    @F1973 I see what you mean, I have mixed feelings about the spacing as well. I will try to tinker with it soon.
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    @F1973 this is not CSS, this is SwiftUI. This is not a progressive web app lol
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    Can there be an icon or emoji below the buttons to show the category ?
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    @dder what buttons specifically?
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    Well, I was thinking about the up down vote buttons.
    But I’m open for other buttons to try 🧐
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    @dder by category you mean the post category? If so, it already appears in the tags...
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    Yes i mean that. But reading tags is hard work compared to just seeing an emoji. Or a color maybe...
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