So I'm moving out of my current student's house (to a nice normal apartment yay) and people are making contact with me to start the grand sightseeing tour of this shit hole. But every time a new candidate sends their first message, they never tell me their name. Wtf is happening here, how is this the standard way to introduce yourself: "hi I'm interested in your housing, when can we meet.". Not even a question, more like a statement or something. Today someone had the audacity to simply told me to send pictures of the house out of the blue.

Am I just getting old or something? Why the hell can't people properly introduce themselves or even ASK something instead of semi-demanding it?!

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    Do you not see a username? They're doing business not making friends, so I kinda get the lack of manners.
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    @NoMad it's through WhatsApp, so basically an SMS from a stranger telling me to invite them inside without any introduction. Sorry but if you want to be let in my house for a house tour I'd like to know a name tbh
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    @NEMESISprj click on their profile. There's a name right below the picture. (Or on the picture, can't remember)
    Anyone can give you a fake name btw. Which, in hindsight, maybe they should've done that instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @NoMad yeah they can give any name and I'd be okay with that, I just don't like it that they don't even take the time to introduce themselves
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    I'm interested in murdering you in your home, when can we meet.

    Murdy McMurderface
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    Certainly! :)
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