Why is there a motification for upvotes but not downvotes. I wanna see which punk downvoted my comments and harass him online!

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    Because then you would get irritated with the notifs of downvotes you might get on this post and you still wouldn’t be able to get back at all the downvoters.

    Curb your harassment.
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    Someone downvoting you doesn't mean they hate you, but showing that will make you feel they hate you.
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    Pretty much because of what you wrote in the second line there.
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    Here.. you now know it was me.. ;) // will remove -- later if you won't go downwoting me for no reason

    Besides, why do you care?! -- has many reasons, will you go out and ask everyone why did they -- you?
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    Dude. Be me and get automatically downdooted. Lol.
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    I think you pretty much answered your own question
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    @lamka02sk it is almost as if there is a sarcasm hidden in the original post.
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    > Someone downvoting you doesn't

    > mean they hate you,

    We should include an option to love or hate someone, so then we really know for sure someone hates us..

    I'm reminded of one forum that got rid of downvoting, because it was used as a weapon to socially outcast folk who disagreed with the group consensus..

    No wait, I mean, the minority consensus, but once they got rid of the group of people who disagreed with their view, then they was the group !

    You could sometimes tell who it was because the system displayed who was logged in at the time, so if you checked that every minute, and when you got a downvote, you'd know it was at least one of those users.

    And if there was only one user logged in, bingo !
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    @sladuled forgetting? You drew the first blood.
    *Ties headband like Rambo*
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    @aviophile lol I've removed the --
    But you can knock yourself out, I already have the avatar I want.. Hmm.. I wonder if you go to negative points, do they take items away?? 🤔
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    @sladuled no, but next time you try to edit your avatar, then it goes away.
    Been there, done that.
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    @NoMad poop
    But hey, one thing I don't need to test now 🤣🤣🤣😇
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    @sladuled i wonder what length integer they use to hold vote count. Does it overflow?
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    @aviophile Huh no idea.. maybe it's written somewhere.. or ask dfox?
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    @dfox what is the max upvote devRant can store?
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