I login this morning

Everyone going crazy as prod is broken in a million ways. 2.5 million exceptions In 24 hours.

We talk for 1 hour and solve nothing.

I diagnose the 2 biggest sources of exceptions and explain every step I took with screen snippets to reach my conclusions

The one other competent person on my team agrees. Otherwise complete silence.

I'm told not to fix the issue because I am leaving in 6 weeks and other people have to start taking responsibility.

No one fixes the issues. Instead they leave early. Now it's the weekend and the product is fucked.

Fucking useless people. Can't wait to leave.

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    Those people must have pudding heads, especially when the other colleague of yours seems to know what to do?!
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    Tf? Would it take more than 6 weeks to fix the whole thing? You should tell them that there’s a product in the bug instead.
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    I can see why they're concerned about getting other people to take responsibility. You weren't allowed to fix it and nobody else bothered trying.
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    I wish I had a team member that would explain the reasoning behind something without me chasing the person and asking thousands of questions.
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    @idkwhattobuy our team merged with another team that is exactly like that. All their stuff is highly customized code with no documentation and only one person truly understands each part. There have been occasions when one absence has caused multiple people to grind to a halt and mark stories as blocked until they return.
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    I'm super late to the party but couldn't this be some sort of bystander effect? In which people are told someone must fix the issue, but no one in specific is told to fix the issue, so everyone thinks "someone else will do it" and in the end no one fixes it. Either that or your company sucks (or both).
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