3 hours in and I realize, I fucked up. I should have gotten another stand...

Middle monitor is a different model, but I didn't consider that the holes could be on different heights...

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    Isn't the stand adjustable?
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    Are the outer ones on the wall or on stands? I’d they’re in stands some old books will do the job.
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    @ScriptCoded You can only adjust the all together

    @just8littleBit stand unfortunately

    Here's how it works
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    I'll just say that I wanted to highlight the best monitor 🤷‍♂️
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    The monitors look identical tho
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    @ScriptCoded Thanks for that maybe not all hope is lost.

    The middle one is a Samsung JG52 and the outer ones are Samsung CR50. I chose them, because look identical and have the same curvature, but I wanted them to be cheaper, as I only need one good monitor for gaming and coding. the other ones for convenience
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    Normie problems. I only use my laptop screen and that’s it, my desktop switching speed it unparalleled
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    Time to make another hole...
    Oh right, warranty? 0.
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    What happens if you flip the middle one upside down?
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    Fabricate a plate that attaches to the top two holes in the stand with holes for the monitor and countersunk screws accounting for the difference in height? Prolly what I’d do. That or change the monitor layout in software and just go with it...
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    In the end I just used to monitors own stands, which put all of them on the same height and allows me to place all of them above my desk, so I'll return the stand

    Disclaimer: Critique about me being a weeb or not having a proper cable management is prohibited 😤
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