My Top 10 most useless keys (#1 is worst):
1. Stop (the media key).
2. Pause/Break. (I understand this has historical usage, but I personaly have never used it.)
3. Page Up
4. Page Down
5. Scroll Lock
6. All those little shortcut keys along the top (above the F-keys) which open things like IE, My Documents, email etc.
7. All the modifier combinations of back tick (it in itself is useful, but WTF is a split pipe supposed to mean!? Or a ¬ !?)
8. Right Windows key.
9. Insert. Again, it has historical significance, but it's completely useless! Especially when you press it by accident.
10. The Menu key which opens the context menu.
I know some people will probably say 'the [blah] key saved my life once...', but I just rebind these keys with AHK. (http://autohotkey.com)

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    @h3ll I think he meant the media keys on his keyboard, not the function keys. But in general I agree with you. Some of the keys don't set a lot of use but I've definitely used most of his list with some frequency.
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    First keyboard I ended up with that was missing the Scroll Lock key made me angry... At the time, that was the only way to switch the KVM.
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    scroll lock actually has a meaning in MS Excel. It changes the mode of the arrow keys. With scroll lock on, you'll scroll with the scrollbars and with it turned off, you change the cell where you are working on.
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    I usually map pause break as push to talk in Discord as it does nothing in the games or applications I use. I then map it to my G700s mouse. Works a treat.
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    I only agree with scroll lock but you do know that you can rebind keys you dont use or macro them right?
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    I use the context menu key all the time. Other than that, i pretty much agree
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    @h3ll save some hatred towards everybody who even considered being a hr manager
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