What do you think about my resume?

I would like to apply for other jobs, im tired of my shitty actual job.

I'm worried about the ranting on the resume, is that politically correct?


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    @F1973 i will take your recommendations, i will refine the resume!
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    -blurb thing should go in a cover letter.
    -Timeline, how long were you working?. When did you graduate.
    -I'd remove the stack overflow link as you're not above and beyond most people.

    Good luck.
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    Agree with all of @F1973 points, in addition:

    - People care way more about your education than a few GitHub projects, especially this early in your career. Talk about what kind of degree you have, what modules you took, etc. and do that in place of your GitHub projects if necessary.
    - Don't bother linking to a Stackoverflow account unless you've got a lot of great Q&A. I'd say anything less than 5 figures isn't worth putting on there as a rough guide.
    - Never talk crap about a past job on a CV or in an interview. Save that for here. Always talk positives. Otherwise you come across as a potentially difficult employee, and noone wants to work with someone difficult.
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    I don't like ranting: You'd expect from your employees the same. If not, consider as a matter of professionalism.
    Personally, I'd avoid using terms like "legacy" - not because of speaking negatively about your job, but you also speak negatively about you; it might even be interpreted that you only have experience in old technology. I'd suggest to avoid being seen as always complaining.

    The resumé seems overloaded:: I don't know where to look first.
    If you look at a word processor empty page, it has restrictions on both sites, where you should not place content: Not only because it allows printing the document (some companies still do), but to avoid the reader being distracted.

    Regarding your skills: Give some indicator about your experience (but no fantasy indicators like "93% of Python!). Especially for natural languages it, is easy ("fluent in reading and writing", "mother tongue", "C1"...).
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    Firstly, this is why I hate the 1 page resume format, way to much information, and no where to put it.

    As everyone else has said, give details, not just headings.

    And I think the most important thing I look for is time in previous companies.
    The timeline sets expectations and reassurance of your abilities - or lack of.
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    Layout-wise you have a truckload of whitespace in the middle, while your content is crammed up the sides, top and bottom, might want to consider redistribution of it.

    Also don't speak poorly of ANYTHING in your cover letter. Is that really the most important thing you want to say? "My past job was shit" well then why did you have it? Speak of your accomplishments instead, you're not trying to scare them away from your former employer, talk about YOU!
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    You all guys have lot of reason, i will fix this resume, i will take all the recommendations you mentioned here, thanks for your help!
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    @F1973 you didn’t even call me about this one.
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    I sent a connection on Linkedin, maybe we can chat a little about how to fix your resume
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    Looks perfect. Good luck with your job search.
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    Op, if you still need help just dm me https://t.me/mvoloskov
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    @kiki @KennethDavidson @F1973 @juanchdzl @ArcaneEye @C0D4 @sbiewald @AlmondSauce @gibus Guys, i fixed my resume, send it, and 5 minutes later i got an interview, now im doing the test project and they say that if i complete it, im hired. Thanks you all!
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    @ElPapi42 That sounds great, I'd still like to connect with you on linkedin since we live on the same city and we can help each other
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