I love to put Easter eggs in my code.

Sometimes I use references from star wars >.>

Anyone else have Easter eggs they'd like to share?

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    Does wiping your partition count as an easter egg?
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    I put this one Easter egg (if you could call it that) in a web app, if the user would type their password wrong for a specific amount of times, it would return something like this: "Learn to fucking type (link to typing course)!"
    Forgot to remove that before it went live haha
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    My website accepts the Konami code...
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    @ghost1227 Mine too and when it does it takes you to a website to play space invaders, or some variation of the game. I wasn't sure what else to do once the code had been entered.
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    All of my proof of concept hacks/xss/injections have EVE Online references or finally point towards Permaband - Wrecking Machine or rickrolling then again manager tells me to change all of them to something else before passing them on to testing or devs in charge of project.
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    @nmunro Mine opens a modal that lets you play pacman on site
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    I had a 1x1 pixel wide img, that would crash the computer with a bluescreen once clicked
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    @linuxer4fun best one so far
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    @RazorSh4rk thanks ;) obviously the bluescreen had a manipulated stack dump, which said:"use linux"
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    I was browsing the source code of an open-source NSFW space game and found some creative function names. Things like GiveThatBitchAWalk() and so forth. I got a good laugh out of it.
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    One of my apps had a bug that let the user enter one activity without data (a little more complex than it sounds) That was a really rare bug that I couldn't replicate, so now in that cases, instead of crash it just plays "Still alive" from Portal.

    Now it isn't a bug, it's an easter egg.
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    I once made a "game" that made growing trees with space colonisation algorithm. If you pressed "r" it would switch to rainbow mode - instead of being brown, the tree would be rainbow colored.
    I think I still have it on GitHub somewhere...
    Yep, https://github.com/killermenpl/...
    To run just do './gradlew run'
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    clickclickclick.click is packed with cool Easter eggs
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    Not really an easter egg but a preview page I built had some experimental heatmap code that was triggered by clicking a small light grey dot in the bottom of the screen.

    The heatmap was generated clientside in js using two round images, one red and one yellow, that was then layerd with transparence and streached go create a heatmap going from transparent through yellow to red.

    This ran on IE 6 and firefox 3(i think it was) with no canvas or special tools. Just pure js.

    But it never was official due to an alignment problem in ie
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    A few:
    Setting log verbosity to > 9000 results in the first log printed "Over 9000!"

    Clicking a multiclickable element > 100 times results in a dialog that says "Some things in life are not worth doing"

    A hidden element that when clicked invokes TDFW.js

    I'm sure I've done more that I've forgotten, but those are the most recent/memorable.
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    In c/c++

    long long timeAgo;

    In Java:

    Java.awt.Robot r2d2=new Robot(); //plus a try-catch
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    I usually use easter eggs in my websites. I've built a javascript "modal easter egg" for myself: :)

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    I have never put one in prod product, but for our dojos the dev environment return some southpark quotes if you fail too many tests, success all, make it crash, etc.
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