Does anyone else ever stop themselves from working on a side project on the weekends? Like I spend 5 days a week coding, and I try to take the weekends off just to balance my life, but I have this feeling in the back of my head that I should be working on something. Should I start smoking pot or something?

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    I think doing IT stuff 24/7 is the recipe for brain death.

    At the weekends, I'll try to minimize coding.

    Games, cooking, local food market of regional suppliers, walking...

    Anything but work.
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    Go do something that requires zero brain power, use this time to chill out that's not related to a pc.

    Or be a robot and work on side projects and fill that time with more problems 🙄
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    Why do you need to work all the time?
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    @IntrusionCM but don't you think about how stuff is coded when playing games?
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    I am going through the same phase. It seems like we are aging and inching towards @C0D4 😋

    What worked for me is slowing down on the side projects and taking some time off periodically.

    We have been hustling for so long that it has become a lifestyle which is that urge of being productive hangs at back of the mind.

    We slowly need to break this habit and at the same time make sure we don't abandon our side projects.
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    @nitwhiz nope, well ok at first you get to understand how they are out together, then you learn how the physics engine behaves, then... 🤑

    @F1973, what if I told you time was a construct man made to put significance in our lives 😏
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    @C0D4 😲😲😲😲😲😲
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    Same! While I have intent and interest to do side projects, I just get so tired from work that I need to take most nights and weekends off. I'm not a coding machine. Also I find now that everything is trending full stack it's a lot to keep up on and can be mentally draining.
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    Very rarely, I can't bring myself not to work on a project or learn stuff that would be useful for me, work or my hobbies.
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