Does anyone else ever stop themselves from working on a side project on the weekends? Like I spend 5 days a week coding, and I try to take the weekends off just to balance my life, but I have this feeling in the back of my head that I should be working on something. Should I start smoking pot or something?

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    I think doing IT stuff 24/7 is the recipe for brain death.

    At the weekends, I'll try to minimize coding.

    Games, cooking, local food market of regional suppliers, walking...

    Anything but work.
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    Go do something that requires zero brain power, use this time to chill out that's not related to a pc.

    Or be a robot and work on side projects and fill that time with more problems 🙄
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    Why do you need to work all the time?
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    @IntrusionCM but don't you think about how stuff is coded when playing games?
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    @nitwhiz nope, well ok at first you get to understand how they are out together, then you learn how the physics engine behaves, then... 🤑

    @F1973, what if I told you time was a construct man made to put significance in our lives 😏
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    Same! While I have intent and interest to do side projects, I just get so tired from work that I need to take most nights and weekends off. I'm not a coding machine. Also I find now that everything is trending full stack it's a lot to keep up on and can be mentally draining.
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    Very rarely, I can't bring myself not to work on a project or learn stuff that would be useful for me, work or my hobbies.
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