in the freelance marketplaces, some people write, "Need a freelance developer for SMALL TASK". who the hell defines those tasks as SMALL task? if you knew this is a SMALL task, why don't you just do it yourself? if its so small, why don't you just ignore it? if its a small task, why don't you just spend five-ten minutes of your "precious" time to learn how to fix it?
& then when it comes to paying, they say, "My budget is 5$, because its a small task"
Seriously? in 5$ my electricity bill wouldn't be covered.
& Then comes to the marketplace commission! Most of the times, its about 20%
So, I get 4$
Then it comes to the bank tax and blah blah!
So, now I get around 2$ or 3$
Now, I don't know whom should I kill first -_-
The clients or the marketplace owner or the government or the bank owner or myself :}

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    $5 is not pay it's a favour, literally wouldn't even cover a beer or cup of coffee. Some people are just very delusional.

    Though why do you assume they have any programming skills whatsoever?
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    They are probably hoping some newbie will take the job just to have that feedback started.
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    @gibus I'm not assuming. I'm just saying, "if you know its a small task, why don't you just do it yourself?"
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    The person probably has a wrong conception/definition of what a small task entails and is a cheapskate trying to lowball people (probably aiming for $0-1 but the platform refused and required a minimal amount higher than that).

    Now I don't know the platform in question or the person. Still, based on my experience (dealing with such clients on freelance platforms which I've used as a client too), that person most likely is the type of non-techy (specifically those who have 0 ideas of the complexity behind software/web apps and such).
    So it begs the questions:
    - Do they even know how complex specific tasks are and what may look trivial isn't trivial?
    - Do they know how to code?
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    @Berkmann18 Your both question's answer might be "no" for them, and that's exactly my point!

    If they don't know about something. they shouldn't just say "Its a small task", or anything that sort.

    They should leave it to the developer to decide whether the work is small or big.
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    They say it's a small task solely to justify paying crumbs.
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    @homo-lorens Absolutely!
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    @homo-lorens Absolutely!
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    You should understand that a marketplace like thumbtack ( you can read more about it here https://thumbtack.pissedconsumer.com/... ) this is just a great way to connect the customer and the performer. Everything else remains only between you, it is only your agreement. But if it doesn't suit you, why do you agree?
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    @milaniagreend Honestly, I don't take those work offers. But it really creeps me out when I see an offer that says, "SIMPLE MODIFICATION" or "SIMPLE TASK" or "SIMPLE SOMETHING" -_-

    Who told them its simple? :|
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