Is it normal when you give your leave notice, the boss (and colleagues) take it personally that much? It's unraveling more as I'm leaving that I'm working in a hell hole.

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    It tells you that you're making the right choice that's for sure.

    I wouldn't call it 'normal' but it happens.
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    Aren't you supposed to use your overtime and holidays, and get a sick leave from your doc for the remaining time?
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    @Fast-Nop Yes, apparently. I'm still young and fucking naive.
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    @Fast-Nop 👀is that how that works?
    I thought we saved em up until that 10 year mark, and cash em out with long service leave and retire early?

    I'm doing it wrong then 🤦‍♂️
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    @C0D4 I wouldn't trust anyone to actually pay me decades in the future for overtime that I do now. Mergers, bankruptcy, whatever happens.
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    Maybe they love you a little too much to see you leave
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    It is a red flag for sure... Or well... Green flag since you left?
    Happened once to me in Milan, the senior dev started to look at me like a psycho. I honestly thought he was going to stab me... Either way making a phone call as soon as I stepped out the door and to walk very fast was mandatory.
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    I've been to companies like this. They make you feel guilty or shame you for going on vacation or even just leaving work on time. People like these are so incompetent and stupid that they overcompensate with office presence and beat others by talking shit about them.

    My current company gives me 30 days of paid leave and travel allowance. I get no shit from them when I say I'm going on vacation.

    Get the fuck out of there. You'll find better.
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