Scrum is such bullshit. You are made to report to idiot product owners who were promoted from customer service reps.(that is who they were in my previous job). A few years answering phones and all of a sudden programmers are made to report to them who don't know jack about coding...Made to work in high pressure projects by setting 2 week deadlines. Then when there are bugs in code, you are penalized for bad code.

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    And if you don’t put up with it, you get replaced by someone else who might.

    Churn churn churn.

    The lack of morals (and forethought) on display is astonishing.
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    What you're describing isn't scrum. It's a bastardisation of scrum, which makes no sense, which is unfortunately used by companies the world over.
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    Most project management stuff is misexecuted.

    The last 2 sentences are especially striking.

    Many times I've explained: a deadline isn't a bad thing - it's an expectation of when things _could_ be finished.

    Punishment... Oh no.

    Bugs - will always be there. No matter the deadline.

    TLDR: General problem of uninformed and uneducated people being promoted to managememt - most likely because the higher ups can easily dominate them.

    Has nothing to do with scrum.
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    Scrum doesn’t suck as a framework by itself, it sucks when the wrong people are put into those roles. Your product owner needs to be a liaison between customer and developer, which requires at least a basic understanding of dev skills!
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    I think you nailed it in the first 4 words.
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