Omfg windows!! I thought you quit this shit 5 years ago!!!

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    Nope. Windows is more unstable than ever.
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    Old friend returned back. I. Haven’t seen bsod for ages also.
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    *crys* you get a different error to me.
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    Meanwhile my macbook Pro just rebooted itself for no apparent reason yesterday.
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    This finally confirms, that Windows still contains code for rendering the BSOD.
    I have not seen such a screen for at least fifteen years now and started to wonder if i just imagined the BSODs of the past...

    Did you by chance also witness a Windows update applying successfully on first try?
    Because such a beast also has not been seen for a long time now...
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    Which gpu do you have?
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    and sudden updating! my favorites
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    Recently started popping up again, windows is trash
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    @electrineer Lenovo p52s 2018. Nvidia quadro p500. Now that you mentioned it, I remember installing a new version of nvidia driver last week..
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    @bettercallshao sounds like you're barking up the wrong tree then
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    ms made the shit look good. thats all there is.
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    Buggy and with less privacy than ever!
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    @wiwe2210 You might want to do a memtest and monitor temperature. I hate to day this but it might not be windows.
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