5k lines of code and some long days in and it turns out UI and I (backend) had an oopsie in our communication so it was all for nothing. Back to 0😖

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    I disagree with this way of building software. Not that it matters xD
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    Not to be a dick about it, but what kind of problem are you facing that really needs you to write 5000 lines of code?!?

    Something has gone wrong here, and it's not just the communication, which definitely does need fixing.

    Agree on contracts, re-affirm them often, and build stuff that works ASAP.

    How can you write such a huge pile of code and then find out that it doesn't do anything useful??
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    @Bytepusher we needed to start working on it before everything is finalised to make the deadline which is incredibly optimistic.

    5k lines is not much for a backend service.

    For example:
    500lines for entity classes
    Euch is 1000lines for DTOs with swagger documemtation, another 500 lines for service classes, 200 lines validations, 2000 lines for unit tests, 3000 lines for integration tests..

    Already way over 5k.
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