After 30 years, some developers are still struggling to build websites efficiently. Our hypothesis is that this is due to severe and acute ignorance and due to taking an academic backend-focused software engineering mindset to the frontend without even trying to understand what web design and frontend web development has to offer and why.

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    Possibly, but I think it's more often than not due to script kiddies of the past (who charged for cutting and pasting random bits of html together) now doing the same thing with increasingly complex JS frameworks, while not having the first clue about how they function.
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    Over 50 % of developers stagnate - unwilling to learn more than necessary.

    40 - 50 % rest is divided between the hardworkers… the zealots (it must be done this way, only this way - deus vult!) ... the pragmatics... the doubters (It could work, but what if....).... Lazybums aka fucktards.

    Hardworkers and pragmatics became rare imho.

    The zealots, doubters and lazybums / fucktards are most of the 50 %. Doubters will never achieve a consensus, as such the workflow / ui / backend is a mess.

    Zealots... Ever talked about functional programming and had a discussion where someone constantly referred to OOP paradigms because OOP is the only way and the books he read are the only way to code? Zealots. They'll dictate - be prepared for anything.

    Lazybums / fucktards. When there is a job to do, it shall be done in a way that it needs to be redone.
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    i think most of the reason is that html, css and js are absolute and utter shitpiles utterly unsuited for what they are used for, and any and all attempts to make them less horrible only make them more horrible.
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    Or it is because the demands for a good website are rising without the average competence actually rising with it
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    After 30 years, some developers are still struggling to understand how a computer works in the slightest. I chalk this up to web developers being spoon fed frameworks and hand-holding puzzle pieces as "code" which allows them to frankenstein half working "apps" together and call it "development", giving them a false sense of entitlement and thinking they're allowed to shit on people who make their crappy browsers actually run in the first place.

    It goes both ways.
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