When I started programming Batch Files I decided to go big and and make an Batch Program with a fully functional UI system. Just when I had finished the first menu I kept getting a "goto was unexpected at this time" or something like that. I did everything I could to see about debugging until I finally cleared my calender and spent the next week debugging. A week of debugging goes by and I see someone coding in color rather then black and white at my school. I walk up to him and ask. "What language is that?" To which he replies "Batch". I asked him how he got Notepad to be in color and he simply pointed to the top left of the screen and it said Notepad++.
I get home later that day and look up "Notepad++" and download the first thing I see. I install the .msi file and I see a language bar at the top of the screen. Set it to batch, and drag my .bat file into the program to see six of my dividers are red bars. I look this up and see there's another spacing option "echo.", I replace my current spacers with this and the whole thing starts working. Fml, that's a week I'm never gonna get back

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    Hahaha, that's up there with the complexity of my batch AI program. I understand your pain. It was worse for me because I didn't know about notepad++
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    If you learned anything in that week it wasn't wasted at all!

    ...And in case you haven't, also you should check out Sublime Text. Between that and Notepad++ you can almost get by entirely without an IDE.
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    ^ Or PowerBatch which is an IDE for Batch programming.
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