Guys what you think about this code?

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    *grabs bleach*
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    *cocks 12 guage pump*

    Good bye cruel world, I'll never let you subject me to garbage like this ever again.
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    @sauravchamoli17 Dear gods I hope that’s sarcasm
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    @sauravchamoli17 Really, I’m just disappointed in you.
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    IntelliJ be like:
    Undefined Symbol <everything> line 0-EOF, char 0-Math.Infinity.
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    @sauravchamoli17 "The best thing I've seen so far. Have a favorite."
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    It's not code. It's what recruitment companies think is code.
    It's not even good English (at least at the throw & goto).
    Safe to say that just about all programmer's hate it.

    sauravchamoli17 your only fan; just posted a cringe worthy UDP joke. Enough said.
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    I really don't want to filter out the joke/meme tags, but this eye bleeding crap pushes me so close to do so 😭😭
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    Such jokes were never funny
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    A disappointment in humanity.
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    Keep that shit on your dating profile.
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    What the cinnamon toast fuck is that
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    1. poor linting
    2. Your for loop will get stuck on “comes” lol
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    I dont think anyone can call this code.
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