Every language that doesn't have multi-line comments:

# Of course CodeLang supports multi-line comments!
# This is a multi-line comment!
# How dare you say otherwise!

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    Still annoys me about Ruby.

    It actually does have multiline comments, but they are stupid.

    Look at this shit!
    It’s hideous.
    And why does it begin with a freaking equals?

    and here is another one.
    Everything after this, unto infinity, is ignored
    It’s alright, I guess.

    But seriously, why can’t we have the standard // and /* ... */ comments? Or maybe ### ... ### if it really really needs to be a hash?
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    I for one like to know if a line is a comment by looking at that line alone, so when I grep, I don't need to look around for context. So I do
    * a comment
    This is probably one of the reason against multilines.
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    @bettercallshao While I agree, it just means we need better (context-aware) tools.
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    We need # because of compatibility with unix hash bang (#!/usr/bin/env ruby).
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    @metamourge that could always be a special rule for the first line, as much as I hate one-off exceptions. Or the interpreter could implement both comment styles. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Let's be glad.
    Without that pesky shite polyquines wouldn't be possible
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    @Root I think that @bettercallshao still uses vi
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    python has triple quotes, technically not a comment though.
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    That's true, specially if you wanna comment inside of function calls:

    # inline comments are fine
    """ but triple-quotes would be considered a string """

    I also hate that HTML does not allow comments inside tags

    <img <!-- I can't comment here --> src="my_butt.svg">
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    @eo2875 There is no reason to allow comments inside tags though
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    Well, not in HTML, but I'm using Vue and Android's XML layout resources which use a heck lot of attributes and I just wanna document why I set some of those arguments the way they are
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    Not having multiline comments is fine - it is the lack of single line comments wich keeps annoying me in CSS.

    Also, comments should start with a single glyph (# prefered because it already is the standard for shell scripts).
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