Just joined a company 1 week ago and I was tasked to build a cryptocurrency bot in trading view using pinescript. The problem here is that I have zero knowledge in trading, charts , indicators etc and Pinescript is such a miserable language and I am so bored of this.

On top of that, nothing here makes sense. Tried learning trading on my own and it is simply boring and I don't understand many things here such as RSI, ATR etc . Sometimes I feel like quitting this job because I feel that I cannot deliver and at the same time I am afraid that I am quitting too soon before even giving a try.

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    Isn't this like 1 of the first questions you ask in the interview process.... "what will I be working on"
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    That isn’t something you leave up to newbies to build.

    Who gave you the task, and why? What are they thinking?

    Seriously, people spend their entire lives trying to come up with good indicators, and only the absolute best of the best can work autonomously — and these are not ones you will ever see. Ever. I’m talking Goldman Sachs trade secrets.

    Having a complete greenhorn working on building an automated trading bot in a new language, using math and indicators they’ve never even heard of? Absolute madness.
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    Now if you want to learn technical analysis (and I concede that it is boring), read up on Gann. That’s a good place to start.

    It is boring, but it can make you more money than literally any other field, and for very little sustained effort — once you have put in the effort to master it, of course.

    But if your appetite for risk is low, you are emotional, or you are easily bored/dissuaded, look elsewhere. It won’t end well.
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    Holy shit, unless it says phd in economics with extensive finance experience in your resume, why the hell are they making you do all that?
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    pinecone code make brain hurt! Not like! Simple loop not simple! Thrak mad!

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    @d-fanelli Pinescript, not Pinecone.

    Pinecone looks Turing complete. Painscript is just misery incarnate.

    (Pinescript is TradingView’s proprietary language)
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    @Root sorry! ADHD + liquor=attention span of a chicken 😁
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    @C0D4 iff(isintraday, red, iff(isdaily,green,
    iff(ismonthly, blue, na))) 🤮
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    study("Green Bars Count")
    var count = 0
    isGreen = close >= open
    if isGreen
    count := count + 1
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    x = if close > open
    b = if close > close[1]
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    @C0D4 Yes they said something to do with Laravel, then they mentioned something to do with trading bot which I was honest and I told them that I have not build anything like that before.
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    @Root Yes my superior gave me this task, and I am completely lost. I keep telling them that I don't understand ATR (Average True Range) and calculation and sometimes the chart is gibberish to me
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    @Root Yes on top of that, there isn't a console.log that which u can test your code . Everything is on the chart.
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    @d-fanelli Pinescript is an absolute pain with no way for you to log anything to a console. There isn't a switch statement btw . You have to write an absolute long list of if's , that is assuming you know what you want achieve on the chart.
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    @desh1993 Don’t forget that you can only draw things on the chart from unindented code, meaning you cannot nest them within if’s.

    And a lot of other gotchas.

    I wrote several of my own indicators in Pinescript. It was a miserable experience.
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    @C0D4 yeah, it is the number 1 question.

    and from all the jobs and interviews i've ever done and asked it, the answer i got was true about... 25% of the time.
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    @Root wow, you actually used pinescript? Ouch!
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    @d-fanelli TradingView is really nice besides 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @Root Yup . Just found out that u have to use label.new() and label.set . Now I have to fix a strategy written by another dev. Guess what, I don't even understand what the hell does this strategy even accomplish. Had someone explain things to me, even then I couldn't understand most of it. All I understood was that the contract isn't working and I need to fix that. On top of that , all the tutorials on youtube about pinescript is plain dull and most of them can't even string a proper explanation to explain the difference between an apple and orange and on top of that they are probably recording their voice using a potato. You can barely hear what are they even saying.
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    @d-fanelli That syntax makes me want to cry
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    @Gazotey The syntax sucks but it is the least painful thing. The most painful is to understand trading logic aka Algorithmic Trading
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