Woke up today to 4 commits from a peer that completely erased most of the work done in the last 2 weeks. After letting my coworker know that their commits were the issue, she insisted that they were not theirs, however they showed her signature.

Love how Git absolutely destroys liers.

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    Pull requests would destroy fuckups like this
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    @electrineer which we have in place but another thing is for them to actually do it or request code reviews
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    could be shared credentials
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    @netikras if that's the case, it would be reason for firing. Cause that's way beyond insecure and work risk.

    PRs aren't necessary per se.

    A simple no force push rule, combined with some sanity security settings and of course - backups.

    I dunno why noone seems to have backups for critical infra. It's a nobrainer.
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    @IntrusionCM its actually a bigger issue. Our team was not born as a QA/dev team, but we got converted into one. We are all bundled into groups(when it comes to git permissions) so anyone inside that group can create edit and even delete the files and we yet have no permission to create rules to avoid everyone pushing everything...its pretty fucked up and we get no help from the team that gives access since we are not "essential".

    One of the big 4 btw
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    PRs are a natural buffer against low skill team failure. They're not needed for skilled, principled teams.
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    @llcamp my eyes are still blinking and my head is still shaking.

    What did I just read?
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    @SortOfTested Yeah. I meant it as an reply to electrineer.

    I love PRs. But PRs do not replace basic security and sanity. That must come first before anything else.
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    @IntrusionCM yeah I know, I've been in a long year fight to get our team access that they give to all other dev teams but since our job titles say something else, we get these awful solutions.
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    @IntrusionCM https://devrant.com/rants/3516522/...

    my words exactly. Unfortunately, some people have a different PoV.
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    @llcamp "One of the big 4 btw"
    Big 4 of what?
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    @rutee07 big 4 of software, Amazon, Google, FB and Apple.

    I honestly hate the "big 4" thing but its a good way to give an idea of which companies I might be talking about.
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    @llcamp So, you work for a FAAG. 😉

    Sorry, had to.
    It just slipped out.

    They totally deserve it though.
    Soo not sorry.
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    @SortOfTested yeah right.

    Where I work the architect decided to stop with PRs and branching because PRs were open for too long time.
    And I also got that we dont need PRs because we are all grownups and good coders. Until I see the shit happening on prod and the bad code being commited.
    PRs are not about who is bad or good at programming ffs. 🤦
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    The thing about buffers is they overflow. Misusing them, and then being an overpromoted piece of shit doesn't change their mechanics. Ivory tower failure is adept that that sort of thing.
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    “She”. Female tendency to externalize causes of their problems to men.
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    @PurgeXenos amazingly relevant comment /s
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    @PurgeXenos I don't understand what you mean. Nor the context. Care to elaborate?
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