Just got a job, time to let the beard grow like I'm homeless

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    Dont forget a good pair of joggers and sandals
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    Stallman? Is that you?
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    Get a pale red hoodie too. That seems to be the official dress code of devs.
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    @NoMad Depends... from Frontend to DBA you kind of go through a spectrum from Hipster-Chic through Business-Casual through Cozy-Dad towards Full-Blown Hobo.

    The people I work with are really great with their stereotypes: Our frontend lead has a neatly trimmed thin beard, non-functional glasses only worn for style, a bag full of with Apple toys, and a $200 silk shawl.

    There's a bunch of App devs and API devs who often wear something which is meant to look formal, but fails horribly: Sweaty stained button-up shirts, neat black pantalons with muddy sneakers. Most of them are young high school drop outs whose facial hair resembles a messy patchy genital bush.

    I'm mainly backend, and tend to wear a neat but rather non-descript black sweater, and have a graying beard that's trimmed just a bit too long ago.

    Our main DBA is a large Ukranian woman who wears a super gross fur-lined coat and frayed fingerless gloves -- even during warmer weather.
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    @bittersweet I must be cozy-dad dev. I wear plaid shirts or gold shirts and docker style pants. I shave once every 2 to 3 days.
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    @bittersweet I'm a front-end developer but never been into these stereotypes haha always preferred to be myself
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    @ChristoPy Good!

    I do think existing stereotypes are loosely based on some truth though -- And it kind of makes sense that frontend devs (on average) care more about their own "frontend", where a DBA (on average) might be more interested in function over form in their personal lives.
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