I’m older than C++

I feel old, given how fast our industry moves.

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    1985 isn't *that* old 😋
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    Does older mean wiser? Does it mean more experienced? Does it mean have had more happy moments? If yes, shouldn't you be happy about being older?
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    @NoMad yes, I’m very happy, happily married, happily the father of four kids.... but always on my toes trying to keep up before I’m replaced by somebody else. Things have changed a lot since C++ was the normal way to write a desktop app.
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    IT industry is pretty much porn driven so I don’t think it can move faster.

    It just moves back and forth all the time.
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    @devphobe that's just about everybody tho. The keeping up and being on the toes. That's the nature of a "tech" related job.
    Not to minimize your pain and agony for not being able to catch a breath before the next JS framework is out, but like, it's okay. We get you. It's not the age thing. It's just... how things are. We're all in the same boat. 🙂
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    @SortOfTested thanks, as someone who just turned 36
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    All I know Is, Perl is younger then me and Erlang is older.😅
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    Shit man that ain't old. And don't worry, some bootcamp hotshot that finished a howtobuildeverything with JS ain't replacing you anytime soon.

    Age ain't nothing but a number baby boe
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    @AleCx04 thank you! Especially for calling out shady learn to code in 4 months boot camps!
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    @d-fanelli aye! I don't get this whole "young is better" when it comes to development, ageism is not only frown upon, but illegal where i am at. I see a dev that has been in it for 15+ years I see a mfker that knows what he is doing, certainly more than some dude that just graduated.

    I am young still, but have made it far in my field and appreciate experience, even if it is shaky, one learns from everything
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