If I eventually study programming and could solve any task, will I immediately get job offers from websites?

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    @iiii so how does it work pls explain in details
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    Probably, solving tasks is at most a junior.
    It’s like saying that if I have all the puzzle pieces and can solve them I can get a job making puzzles - probably.

    In the long term no - you need to know how to make puzzles not how to solve them.
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    @vane That is to say, if you really want to get paid to make problems, become a manager. (Or a politician)
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    @Root I didn’t learned so much to have to deal with people 😂
    I just leave world as it is and let those stupid bastards do their part and make more labor.
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    Inventing problems = senior
    Creating problems = mid
    Cleaning up the problems = junior

    You see how this trickle down effect works?

    Being able to solve an issue is different to being able to predict and prevent the issue.

    Also, you won't be able to solve every task, developers keep coming up with new ways of doing things, despite their own mantra of "don't recreate the wheel"
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    @C0D4 well if you’re daily cleaning problems so mids and seniors can push forward you can be a lead 😂

    But let’s say it’s predicting and solving problems before they are trouble.
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    a) "could solve any task"

    that's a very brave thing to say... that's not how this works really... you don't just learn programming until you're godlike and then look for a job...

    no no no...

    You start out thinking you're a senior at a junior position, and then you slowly but surely realize you're an inexperienced idiot and start listening to other, more experienced programmers, trying to reach their level

    but anyway, on topic: will you get a job fast just because you have a school or a few projects on github? probably no, it's not easy to look for a job and you have to keep trying until you land pretty much anything... that's where the true journey begins... once you have X years of experience working in a real company, then looking for a job will get easier, but the first one is usually not easy and you're going to be treated like a junior until you can prove you can listen and learn
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    The only way you can get a job offer from any company immediately is if you solve the halting problem. That's the secret to being a ninja developer ;)
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    @junon best advice ever 🤣
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