Just found out, as of Nov 16, I've been on StackOverflow for 10 years.

I wish it was remotely as good as the old days.

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    This rant is closed by moderation
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    Posts are rarely closed by "moderation".

    I should really post a rant about which things regarding SO you should *actually* be upset about. Not all of the things like "they closed my question because it asked for help on my homework".

    Because hating on SO seems to be a bandwagon but nobody knows the actually bad things SO does.
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    I've never participated much on SO. I've asked maybe 3 questions and each time been presented with:

    "Can you post some code" by folks who I think are in such a rush to provide an answer to a specific thing and give you a quick bit of code ... they really miss that it was more of a conceptual question about dealing with X, Y, Z.

    Beyond that I don't feel like I need to really participate, I almost always find something like what I'm looking for and maybe that's all SO is as far as value goes.

    Well that and boxing stupid jquery answers....
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    You wish questions were remotely as good as they were in old days
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    @theabbie true. Too many “help meh plz” questions. I remember a rant a few days ago about some guy posting a giant sql query asking them why it’s broke
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    @theabbie No, the whole site. The people used to be fun and collaborative, you knew a large portion of them by name, there were fun topics and pranks and jokes and we could all mostly trust each other to keep things clean.
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    @junon I feel like it's because Stack Overflow is also the bandwagon. People who complain about the community they're a part of still play a part in how it's shaped. So often the goal with these comments is to shift blame rather than address problems.
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