Acquainted with the previous logos the new Android Studio logo for v4.1 is annoyingly difficult to locate from the taskbar menu.

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    I just launch things from windows search, or wox/similar. Its been decades since I've used an icon or the start menu 🤣
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    @F1973 Praise Gilgamesh!

    @SortOfTested To start things the first time, I agree, but it's faster to use Win+Number to switch programs than Alt+Tab (sometimes)
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    Logo change almost always sucks. We users mostly execute application in desktop environment by remembering how the icon kinda looks like, not by their exact position in desktop or calling from command line.

    GMail changed its logo and I could not get use to it for 3 days. Icon change is not just aesthetic change, it also affects user experience.
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    That's mostly because the icon is smaller than the other ones because it is inside a white circle for whatever reason.

    @SortOfTested I doubt it was decades at least if you used Windows back then. Windows XP didn't have that option at least oob.
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    actually, it's not just that it's in the circle, but the circle is also smaller than full size for some dumb reason...

    I just took a screenshot from my launcher with the new Android Studio icon next to Postman...

    The logo inside the circle is actually quite nice, but they should dump the circle part and just make it full scale... this is just bad design like this
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    I hate this new icons. It's kind of hard for me to distinguish between AS and emulator.
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    You will get used to it
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    It was pretty trivial in win2k.
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