Disabling pasting into a password field in 2020 with password managers, is retarded. That's it that's the rant. Doesn't matter if you think password managers are good or not. Its still retarded that there's a 40 something year old dumbfuck manager who told a web designer at EA to disable pasting into a fucking password field because he was dumb enough to think it stopped hackers or some shit like that.

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    Lately I've been taking advantage of my password manager... so some of my passwords are 64-character long Unicode strings 🤣 I'd hate to have to type that
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    I think the reason is not hackers but to "protect" the users by patronizing them.
    Still retarded.
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    ah yes, those "hackers" that just send the POST request through something like Curl :^)
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    The real scandal is, that you tried to login on an EA site.
    Long gone are the days of the original Electronic Arts which made some of the best games of their time. Today, they are known as the megacorp of gaming - with "megacorp" having a rather dystopian connotation...
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    @theKarlisk oh damn thanks for the warning
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    @Oktokolo Well I'm playing Dragon Age 2, which is one of the good old ones.
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    That is indeed one of the games i allow you to play.
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    Take advantage of the autotype feature of KeePass, mate! That'll work everywhere, even on launchers.
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    @eo2875 I expect that these will get cut down to 32 or less characters by some sites/apps...
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    From a cyber perspective, this entirely depends on your threat model.
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    @JustThat Any third party (or a compromised server) injecting JavaScript which would trigger on 'pasted' data and transmitting this to the attacker. Or stuff similar to this.

    In most cases this won't be an issue but again, when you're facing state actors, I would not want to enable any form of data copying/pasting. Pretty much limiting as much not-directly-under-controp data handling.

    Or simply some data stealing addons working this same way?

    That's how I'd fuck over people using password managers 😄
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    @eo2875 i once set my windows password to be the first paragraph from a short story i wrote.

    it was a bit annoying to log in.
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    I had such experience with some "enterprise" software, every time it got me, and the annoyance followed
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    @Oktokolo & @hashedram
    Pls don't hijack.
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    @hashedram & @eo2875 & @theKarlisK @linuxxx

    What about going passwordless?
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