any UI/UX person here? I would like to know if the stencils at https://uxstore.com/ are good? I don't want to buy anything on Amazon because they look cheap and the results reported by buyers aren't great, thus looking for options and UX Store stood on my web search.

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    Well as UI/UX myself, the website looks only at first sight great. I’ve noticed a few things that could be improved, for me, that’s always a no-go if that’s your selling UX advice but give a bad example yourself.

    I mean, you can try. But I am a developer first and foremost, I barely read any book for UX and if, it was highly specialized in a topic I wanted to research. Most of UX is questioning, justifying and “thinking though if’s”.
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    People still so hard wireframing? Damn, I thought that died ages ago.
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    @junon well, I see it as cheap and quicker than learning any of the expensive tools for wireframing that exist out there
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    @catholic-emacs Sketch is by far the industry standard and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future.

    Either that, or Figma for a service approach.
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    @catholic-emacs Sketch is cheap and really the tool for any thing web. There are free wireframing libraries out there for sketch.

    Don’t use Mac? Well, sucks to be you. Maybe use an VM.

    I also have a cracked version somewhere, but I’m afraid you’ll use it for actual business..
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