Shoutout to YouTube for auto-translating "You suck at cooking ep 23" to "Sie saugen beim kochen episode 23".


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    I think it’s not auto translated by Google. But greedy people who want contribution points or something.
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    @bagfox no, believe me, this shit is autotranslated.
    Nobody who is willing to translate something to german will make this mistake.
    Literally impossible.
    Appreciate the input tho.
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    I suppose translating it back to English will lose the nuance.
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    @Root The meaning of the German translation is something like „you vacuum while cooking“
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    @Root The main problem with „suck“ is that it doesn’t mean „suck“ in this context. Actually the German translation is correct, but it loses the colloquial meaning.
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    You're better off disabling captions altogether if you know the original language even a bit.
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    @electrineer technically, I have done that.
    For some unholy reason it still translates.
    Phone's in english, app language is english, everything's EN.
    Still does it, my god.
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    @Ranchonyx I have to disable captions all the time also, sometimes they reactivate even in the middle of a video. I can't understand how it is so hard to obey the setting.
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    I'm assuming you're talking about title auto translation and not captions. I hate that YouTube does that, and that there's no way to disable it, I hate clicking on an English title only to open a video in Chinese or something. That's also such an American thing to do, THE REST OF US KNOW MORE THEN ONE LANGUAGE, I want to see titles in languages I know in those languages, not in fucking English, and if it's in a language I don't knkw, I don't care, I can't watch the vid anyways
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    @SoldierOfCode I was talking about captions. The title problem is a smaller one yet annoying as well. The channel can control if that's on or off. Maybe they can also control if captions override user settings as it seems to happen more often on certain channels, but I'm not sure about that one. Imo the user should have control over captions and translations, not the channel.
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    @electrineer I've never haver had problems with captions turning on automatically, didn't even know it was a problem...
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    @SoldierOfCode what devices do you watch YouTube on? I think I've only seen it on android.
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    @electrineer Windows, Linux, Android. Never had the problem.
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    Same problem here: Somtimes at starting to watching youtube videos the captions setting turns on.
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    @electrineer i have this Problem too on an iPad. If I watch an English video the English captions are automatically turned on. I have to disable it every time (I'm German)
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    @turbod @Sumafu maybe we should start complaining in the feedback form. With any luck they could start noticing the feedback if more people start to complain. I've had to turn captions off countless times during the year.
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