Any ReactJS developer here? Just wanted to ask, how do you handle SEO with ReactJS SPA? Do you follow any tutorial to convert it to SSR? Or do you just use NextJS instead?

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    Most of them will just use server side rendering. The correct solution isn't react specific.

    The right way to do it is target the social/search crawler user agents and just add some middleware to dump your seo/optimized indexing content into the top of the index.*/spa-handled route before loading your spa and call it a day.

    Go play around with it on netflix.com and learn you an industry standard ;)

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    Greatly depends on the kind of stuff that you are displaying. Pre rendering could be beneficial to you, but if you have a page with lots of data being called from all over the place you might find some issues. Server side rendering as well. Even then there is hope.

    Check out Next.js or Gatsby in terms of how they deal with SEO
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