Google did it again. Damn.
Create a project in flutter -> Android code AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED is full of errors that i can't even fix.
One of the biggest tech companies, 2020.

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    inb4 google/android apologists coming up with reasons why we should excuse it
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    Because "do quick, not good" is the new age of software.

    Absolutely pisses me off devs have to spend more time fixing frameworks, packages, etc, instead of building on them these days.
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    never happened for me
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    Microsoft also did that the the first betas of .NET Core 3. And a few years back (way before Flutter), I tried to learn Xamarin, but the automatic project there also created a bunch of errors from the beginning, so you had to debug before being able to even start coding. I gave up on that pretty fast.
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    @devs i remember Xamarin of a couple of years ago. I had to restart the IDE so many times because the compiler wasn't seeing the new changes, even if they were saved
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    thats why everyones going webdev for frontend, web based apps, etc.

    Less bullshit to tolerate.
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    @Wisecrack I'm actually seeing the opposite: companies dismantling their frontend, creating a web landing page which points at app stores, hiring Kotlin/Swift devs to build native apps.
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