I'm cry-laughing.

Management wanted us to deliver a completely new feature before the holidays (see my previous rant) and they were acting really sad when we told them it is impossible. It turns out they really want it to be done, and instead of realising it is not going to happen, they are coming up with brilliant new ideas on what we should do and how should we do it on a daily basis. It was just just a little nuisance until today, listening to them and reading their mails for half an hour a day is not a big deal.

So guess what? They changed the whole fucking specification today. I can't even...

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    So they’ve gone back to the denial stage. It’s going to be a rough couple of weeks :/
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    Man I hate it when the idea train rolls out of the station with no clue.
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    @UnicornPoo not for me, I will be on holiday checking work-related communication channels maybe once a week
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    @N00bPancakes and this idea train has no breaks either
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    "Hey we slightly changed specification. Can you finish it yesterday?"
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    "Move this image slightly ... also make it into Google"
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    <<Breath in>>
    <<breath out>>
    "they are just a bunch of monkeys. I am getting paid for doing their random requests. Everybody is either a stupid monkey or doing wgat a monkey tells them to do
    c'ect la vie
    I'm buying myself smth nice for the $ I'll get for this stupid task.
    I can do this
    I can do this
    It's their toy [project], not mine
    I can do this
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