Be a fellow who's distracted af. You just had a presentation in another city. You're driving home and a light lits up saying you need gas. You stop at the petrol station, pour in some gas, grab a cop of joe while you're at it, pay and leave. You're 15minutes away from the gas stop already and an unknown number is calling you. You pick it up. A male voice says

Voice: "hello, this is police. Did you just leave a gas stop 15 minutes ago?"

You: *wtf, what the fuck did I do now!* "yes, I sure did."

Voice: "you forgot to pay for the fuel"

you: *oh shit, he's right! I remember now - I only paid for the coffee! Shit! I'm in trouble now. *
"oh.. Right, you're right, I forgot... I'll turn around and come back to pay

Voice: "wait, don't rush, I may be able to help you. I'll call you back, keep your phone close" *hangs up*

5 minutes later phone rings again.

Voice: "can you pull over, please? Here's a phone number of that gas stop. Give them a call, I'm sure you'll sort it our. Have a nice day!" *hangs up*

you call that number. A woman picks up.

You: "hello, I forgot to pay you for the gas, gimme a few minutes - I'll turn around and get back to you"

Operator: "do not worry, I think I can help you! You can pay for it at your home town if you like, but I'm afraid they might not be working today. But they will tomorrow! Would that be OK for you?"

you: "umm, yeah, of course! It's my fault - anything is OK for me!"

operator: "ooorrr.. I could pay for you now and you would pay me back. Would that work? Here's my bank account, I'll pay for you when you send me those 50 something €"

a fantasy story? Made up story? Bed time stories? Dysney movie plot? Phishing? Canada?

No. This is Lithuania :) believe it or not, this is a true story, and there are more like this one.
Respect to the police!

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    Something like that can happen anywhere.

    It's really nice that there are still people who have faith in humanity.

    It's never wrong to be nice without expecting something in return....

    Although my faith in police is non existent, that I must admit.
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    @IntrusionCM yes, our police is what I'm happy about the most in these stories :) I'm very proud of them. We are a post-soviet country with a legacy of milice [is that a word? Milicija - militarised police].
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    @netikras I know this:


    Which is different from the term militia in english in several ways.

    Some german police officers can be good.

    Most... Completely asocial retarded fucktards.
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    @netikras that's pretty amazing. I don't know if there's a good English word for militarized police. In the US we just call them "police" haha (not funny). A militia is what we'd call an organization of armed civilians.
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    and this is a "rant" how exactly?

    I'll show you a 50€ story that's a rant:

    >be me

    >be in train inbound home

    >a rushed, but trustworthy guy comes up with you

    >hey dude, I need some money for a train, I'll give you my number, sms me your bank account details and I'll repay you as soon as possible

    >me don't have anything less than a 50€ on me

    >me thinks.. ok... I don't really trust a random stranger but to hell with it, I'm feeling good, I confirmed the phone number is real, I can spare 50€ anyway, I'll give and see what happens

    >give him 50€

    >he thanks, is really happy, and leaves

    >next day I text him, the number works as expected

    >"sorry dude, I don't have the money now, I need to wait for my paycheck"


    >I'll text him a week later

    >"uuh, sorry, I forgot, I'll send the money right when I have them!"

    >I'll text him a month later

    >no response...

    >try again in half a month

    >no response...

    tag: rant
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    @Hazarth normally I'd be pro categorize right.

    But currently....

    We're in a time of anti logic.

    This is one of the few things in the last months that made me hope that not all is lost.

    It's crazy, but this is a rant against the whole insanity called humanity out there and damn I'm so fine with it I'd call @netikras my fixer... Cause more of that shit would do reallllly good.
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    @Hazarth It's a story. Not a rant. I can't remove the default tag - the one dR adds itself ;)
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    Do the police in Lithuania have a copy of everybody's mobile number and car reg?
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    @nibor gas station has the plates number (CCTV), police can identify the owned by the plates.

    And there is a national-level registry of personal data (gov-managed, acts as an SSO for gov websites). I guess police could have accessed those. Or maybe there's a phone number tied to the car owner in our DMV analogue - I really don't remember if I had to fill in my phone number when I registered my car.

    Could be car insurance.. I reckon they should have contact info.

    IDK how they got the phone number. Nor do I really care as long as it was used for purposes like this one.
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    @netikras oooooh, I haven't considered that! my bad!

    actually I wasn't *really* mad, I just wanted to mini-rant cause it was kinda related xD sowwy!
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    Plot twist: you didn't forget to pay, and the persons calling you had nothing to do with the gas station.

    But that's unlikely. Make sure to tip the operator a little.
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    > Phishing? Canada?

    Never realized how fine that line was until you pointed it out.
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