When your co-worker thinks the Onion is a legit publication and believes in all its tech news 😁

"OMG Google puts metal chips in their developers' heads, thats why they are so efficient"
Me: ok :|

"Artificial intelligence is real and it has taken over the world, all world leaders are bots"
Me: ok :|

"Obama is not a real person but a robot and he is not just ruling America but the world"
Me: sweet :|

"Even Lisa Ann is not real"
Me: FUCK YOU, Dont fuckin kill my wet dreams

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    The onion is run by robots, but they don't want anyone to know, so they claim the world is run by robots, plausible deniability and all that...
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    When your co-worker believes that you actually believe in Onion news.
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    The worst part is we know we lisa ann is
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    @zombie01 pahahahaha. any developer lets their brain wonder....
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    My favorite one was "Terminally ill boy prays for a miracle. 'No', says God"
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    I liked "Awesome! the new Roomba will embalm you if you die in your apartment alone!"
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