For some reason the office I work for is paying for a designer to become a front end developer and she gets to take the classes one work time. Any time I want to further my career or pay I have to pay out of pocket and it can't interfere with work. Additionally I have to deal with her asking me every other day why I use Sublime over something else.

Basically I use Sublime because I spent too much time researching new things to try and learn yet another editor. If you wanna use brackets, cool, if you wanna use atom, cool, if you wanna use notepad, cool. I don't give a flying fuck what editor you use, you're writing CSS, I'm writing PHP, if you can count to 4 spaces, and not look at my code, I'm not going to scream at you.

She comes in each day and sits at her desk watching video after video on beginner HTML and CSS asking me mundane questions breaking my concentration at least once an hour.

I know we all started somewhere but Google was my best friend and should be yours as well.

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    It comes with the job dude, we all have had that person that asks a lot of questions and bothers us. But the important thing is to see it as an investment, she may be helpful in the future.
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    @jpichardo so long as I make the least money in the office I'm not real inclined to help you forward your career. I still make intern pay and I'm the only back end developer they have. I'm looking to leave as soon as I find something near home.
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    @sylar182 Suit yourself
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    Try setting some rules with her. Let her bundle the questions she has and explain them to her every last hour of the day. She won't wait with the dumb questions she can Google in a few minutes herself and you know you can work most of the day concentrated on your own work.

    Sometimes resetting the rules can help but make sure to explain them. Maybe she doesn't really understand yet why it's so annoying to get disturbed every x minutes. Explain it to her.
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    You'll have a better job in sux months. Bite the bullet and reduce your expenses make yourself comfortable with any salary and find something better.This happened to me l. The owner's wife hired a new sales rep.They actually kicked me out of my office and gave it to her. Then they allowed her to do her masters work on the clock. I was trying to make a major deadline and she calls me into her office off the floor to ask me some questions. Once I figured out she was asking me about her homework. I just looked at her said "I'm doing my job right now." And walked out. If I were you I'd make sure they weren't setting you up to not make deadlines or blame you for her failings if you're too busy to help her.
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    "For some reason"-- they probably like her design work and wanted a well-versed designer in their team who could write front-end as-needed.

    Are there direct business gains from you learning more about something? If you make a case that's in the direction they'd like to take the business, they may offer the same to you. It seems like taking this personally is the best way to convince management not to invest in your education.
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