Luv this fake email I received yesterday, didn't know Microsoft used DPD to deliver their emails lol!!!

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    You'd be surprised how many people will click that link because they're afraid of losing emails.
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    @Jilano True dude, they pray on vulnerable people
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    @Jilano They prey on the hopeless but also on the plain blind. Sender's mail shows they didn't even try lol
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    @CodeTalker Well .it circumvented the spam filter.

    But man pick a theme, package delivery or storage issue or mail/amount restore issue.
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    I love how the title has seconds while the Outlook client does not
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    When you see obvious bullshit like that, what you really see is _their_ SPAM filter.
    Their victimisation isn't automated. So they try really hard to make absolutely sure that the only people clicking their links are ultra-naive people featuring an IQ below room temperature.
    That way, they don't have to waste too much human labor on non-victims.

    If you got spare time to throw away, click the link, answer the emails and waste the scammer's time.
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    The email ends on probably a birthyear, that should be reason enough. But also you just posted your real name
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