** PSA to all programming language and tool maintainers **

Please for the love of god have a dedicated examples section on your website where people can quickly evaluate what the thing even looks like

So often the next best thing is going to the docs where they tell you that the turboblub option should be set to 12 in these specific usecases whEN I DON'T eVEN KNoW WHETHER THIS IS A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE OR A LAWN MOWER

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    And please including examples for all non-trivial parameters, not just your API's hello world, leaving people to figure it out on their own based on 3 year old, deprecated SO answers.
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    Amen bro.

    I haven't looked much closer but i was browsing this site recently:


    I really liked their question + answer and then expand on it type layout to just ... get a feel for what the shape of their code is in terms of how I might use it.
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    Agreed, this is a huge problem that I see over and over again.
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