Does anyone else here hate people who use numpy panda and tensorflow and call themselves data scientists ??
Cuz I hate 'em. There are so many researchers who work day and night to figure out the math and algos which go into these libraries. These researchers are real data scientists.
If computerss sciemce would have been a religion, then just using these stupid libraries and claiming you are a data scientist would be blasphemy.

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    The theory that, when made easy enough to employ, any job can feasibly be turned into a commodity tends to have this erosive effect.
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    Yep. These mathematicians who probably got a D- in statistics 101. They can join the “software ENGINEERS” who know how to write software by following their routines outlined by “courses” but crumble if that routine doesn’t work lol. “Software ENGINEER”: Duh What’s an object? Encapsulation? Durr Is that a pill?
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    Not everybody who holds a spoon is a chef.

    But hey, as someone in the field, a lot of early data exploration and proper data warehousing are stuff that help machine learning engineers (not the ones who just "use tensorflow") do their jobs faster and more efficiently. So regardless of whatever their title is, if they do the manual labor of gathering and organizing the data for someone like me, it helps greatly.
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    How dare the people who never built an asic from silicon wafers call themselves a computer scientist! How dare the people who didn't mine the carbon for a resistor call themselves electrical engineers!

    Is every specialty so unreachable that someone cannot dare to climb that hill?

    Or are we talking about people who take a 12 week course to earn 100K per year? I cringe when I see those adverts.
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    Real data scientists know that machine learning is rarely the best answer, anyway.
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    @SortOfTested The sums up the whole trend of being a hype stack employee.
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