I hate devrant''s 2 hours limitation for posting :( atleast give option save as draft or set publish time (even it after two hours just disable the timer for two hour)

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    I quite like it, it seems to increase the quality of what gets through. It would defeat the purpose if you could set the publish time. As for drafts, I recall the app already remembers what you wrote if you didn't send it, and nothing pervents you from using your clipboard.
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    @electrineer Agreed, there's already enough spammy accounts, don't want it to get worse.
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    Laughs in ++ privilege 🤣
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    You can save the draft on the mobile app afaik.
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    If we didn't have that, the "oohh look at me reposting a crappy meme" guys would just overtake the platform.
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    2hrs feels like 2000 years later..
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    Protip: You can save as a draft in notepad.
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    I though... ok. I should probably chip in some money anyway, but couldn’t figure out how to ‘go pro’ on the website. Every once in a while it asks me when I open the app... but now I can’t find it!
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