How was your experience working for a software development agency? How big was the company (number of employees and projects)?

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    ~50 Employees. You get to work on multiple projects which is a good thing when you're starting out. You get to master the technology faster by doing repetitive work which will make you bored in a short period of time.

    In my experience though, the client projects were shallow with little to no actual users so I didn't get to solve a subset of problems related to scalability. I also didn't get to see most of the projects in the long term so no knowledge about the maintainability of each project (since each project has a deadline and that's it).
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    I’ve worked in agencies from 30-1500 people, different types of clients and projects. Most of the clients were so called A-brands, governments, big corporations, etc. That’s cool in the beginning, but gets normal really fast. I wouldn’t want to work for the local small business anymore tho.

    The agency world can be fun, but the work we do can feel quite meaningless sometimes. I mean, I absolutely love the work, but we’re just helping big companies getting bigger, more efficient and more profitable. Big whoop. I solve this with volunteering on the side.

    I assume you want to get into the agency world? Anything specific you’re wondering?
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