A Java, Python, and C++ programmer are shown a glass that is half-full.

Java programmer - This glass is half-full.

Python programmer - This glass is half-empty.

C++ programmer - This glass is twice as large as necessary.

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    Swift programmer: "This glass is filled with the wrong liquid."
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    "why is the glass not in a shared pointer?"
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    Python: We need a sign in sheet for every one that needs the glass. Once everyone is done with it we can dump it out and clean it so it can be reused.
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    Ffs enoughof these lamesss jokes...
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    Are you still too fucking stupid to use the "joke/meme" button? Idiot.
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    Me: shares a silly programming joke.
    Everyone in the Comment: you missed space and ;
    It's apk, not exe.
    it is totally lame.
    oh no not again.
    bored Af.
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    C programmer points at glass and said "I'd pop that cherry".
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    @redwoodjs you didn't get my ++ because of the song category @Fast-Nop is right.
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    In C++ it's a container with glass traits specialized with water allocator.

    The definition of a "glass" is more important that how full or empty it is.
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    I m new to the devrant and what is the song category?
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    @redwoodjs Has to do with fire and ice...
    Was a swipe error I didn't catch; was going for 'wrong'.
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