** Non Dev Rant **

I just need to rant about this because I'm furious.

Last night I had a house warming party. It was mostly, if not all, of my girlfriend's friends. I'm a cranky old developer so I don't have friends.

Everyone was nice and dressed nice and brought us gifts.. all of the gifts were pretty much specifically for my girlfriend.

So this one girl came... she's younger.. around 25. She came with no gift (I wasn't expecting gifts I just need to mention it for the plot), and was dressed in sweat pants. Alright, no problem.. I really don't care at least she's here.

So as more guests arrive I finally get a gift. Someone brought me a case of beer and a couple of yummy cookies. I had to put it down on the kitchen counter for a bit because I needed to grab more chairs.

The basement door where the chairs are is 10 feet away from where I left my present..

I come back from upstairs.. not even 5 minutes later and I see sweat pant girl stuffing one cookie in her fucking mouth and the other in her pants...

Are you fucking kidding me!? I bought desserts and snacks and all the alcohol you can think of and you steal MY fucking present. Not just one of them... but BOTH.

She saw the other guests give me it.. say "here buddy this is for you"... followed me in the kitchen and STOLE my fucking cookies.

I was going to eat them this morning with my coffee and I realized I couldn't because this fucking ass hole took my fucking cookies!!!!

I hosted this party for my girlfriend's SJW ass hole fucked up friends... put a smile on my face... pretended to like people... and for once didn't yell at someone... and the fucking thanks I get is 2 stolen fucking cookies.

Fuck her.

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    Don't fuck her, she doesn't deserve it. :( but ew who steals stuff into their pants
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    @Letmecode I told her. Apparently she's a real piece of work and my girlfriend hates her. The only reason she was invited is because they all work together and is friends with a couple of other people invited.

    She's the type of person who is outward envious of things just for attention. Another good example is that she keeps complaining she hadn't gotten a promotion and her reasoning is because she goes to work every day.
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    Oh and she was seeing a married man and acted like she was the victim when he decided he was doing something terribly wrong and needs to stop seeing her for his wife.
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    I'd be more pissed off if she'd stolen my beer.
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    That happened to a friend of mine, too! He lives about four hours away from me, and I'd driven about two hours to a farm where they made mead (honey wine) so that I could bottle a custom 'variety pack' of mead for him for Christmas: six repurposed beer bottles that I'd been storing for the last 4 months to give to him in a little 6 pack case.

    He was co-hosting the party, so it was in the refrigerator and a pack of sorority girls handed them all out and yelled at people to chug them. He was excited to see girls, but I was absolutely crushed. I didn't have the heart to tell him how much trouble I'd gone to to get them. Shitty party guests suck. :/
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    So I'm reading all your experiences and I realize nothing like this has ever happened to me, I don't host parties. //Crying sadly
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    Sigh people like that make me angry
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    Yet another case to show that people (users) are idiots
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    20 lines foracookie.
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    So a girl stole your cookies...
    Congrats on your house btw
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    Cleared your cookies, practiced free-as-in-beer, dressed like a bum... Sure this wasn't rms?

    (no offense to rms or bums)

    (or to cookies)

    (or to beer)
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    @tysa darn it, you beat me to it. I wanted to mention how much of a first world problem this really is. 😂

    By the way, this story is partly why I willingly choose to avoid others and society in general, as much as possible.
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    ++ to cranky old dev :'D
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    So someone stole your cookies?
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    @Jase lol what?
    Theft is theft, yes
    But go out and see the world and how much people are suffering (with no fault of their own in most cases)

    When you put things in perspective , this is a non issue.

    Though yes, this guy should go and confront her about this in a very nonchalant and mature way.
    Or better yet, ignore her and tell others to do the same
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    @Koolstr haha not all people are boring.
    Besides, whether you like it or not, we humans are built for social interactions.

    I myself too am a loner , so saying anything more would be crossing the line of hypocrisy
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    Maybe she was just trying to clear your cookies? At least she didn't try to clear your cash (get it...cache?).
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    Don't fuck with a dev's cookies 🍪
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    Oh I love the "pretended to like people"! I relate to that and the whole story really so much! This is a good example on why people are shit and best to be avoided.
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    -- for the cookie monster.
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